Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pregnancy Watch '07

I feel like a wayward, horrible mother. I should be furiously journaling. Or scrapbooking every lab result. But I haven't. It's actually been a blissful pregnancy so far; very little nausea, still eating everything I love and adore be it a balogna sandwich or Taco Bell, and I'm still in some of my regular clothes at 6 1/2 months. Baby Jordan is growing bigger by the day and taking up more and more of my lap. I sing and talk to him/her in the car all the time and just wonder "Who are you?" "Who are you going to be?"On a funny note, the baby had hiccups twice today. (S)he doesn't like it when I sleep on my right side and (s)he seems to be a very mellow baby. I'm glad I have a somewhat crazy playing schedule ahead of me otherwise I'd spend every waking minute counting kicks and staring at the ultrasound pictures that I had to put in an album for fear of wearing them out.

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