Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nice, Productive Sunday
Sundays don't get much better than when you can relax AND get lots o'things done. My accomplishments for Sunday include:

  • food shopping
  • going to a wake (which really isn't an accomplishment, but I felt good that we went)
  • going to the laundromat to do laundry (nothing is better than clean clothes)
  • changing the strings on my cello (I always forget what a huge difference new strings make. I felt like Rostropovich after changing them and giving them a whirl.)
  • practicing a few spots in Jeckyll and Hyde (not too tough, but there are definitely 2 spots where I couldn't feel more exposed if I was playing naked)
  • returning library books (on time no less!)
  • going back to the supermarket up at the top of this list and getting money back on something they waaaaay overcharged me for
  • using my raincheck for the 3/$5 Pepperidge Farms frozen cakes offer at said supermarket
  • getting myself some Japanese food (no, no sushi, don't worry)

Sundays like that are all sorts of good.

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