Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Money Don't Buy You Class...or....An Open Letter to the Evil B*tch in the White Jaguar at the Drive Through Window at the New Hyde Park Burger King

I thought I was going to have a lot more time before our first lamaze class last night. I was planning on going to this hip little place called Mud - an outpost of the famous Mud that dispenses coffee to caffeine-craving metro-ers in NYC. But being that I got caught up in work, I found I was going to have to gobble something quick from a drive-through window. So I figured a "flame-broiled" Whopper Jr. with some added bacon would make me somewhat happy. (Not as happy as a grilled panini with bacon, avocado and tomato, but....)

So I pull into BK which has 2 entrances - one in the front and one on the side. This white jaguar pulls slllloooowwwwly into the side entrance, but upon seeing me make my way towards the drive through, hurries up to beat me there. Then, while at the little ordering squawk-box she proceeds to take a very long time ordering. So much so, that I lower my window to see if maybe she's waiting for the person on the other end. Nope. She was drilling all these orders at them and changing them. Hoo boy.

Finally I get to pull up and order my food, which takes seriously less than a minute. I pull up behind her and wait. She gets her change, gets her food and then sits there. need to move. Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I move up after I get my food, check the bag, and then either go on my merry way, or if something's amiss, I go INSIDE and fix it. I would think that it's rude to hold everyone else up. (However, if I quickly peek in the bag and am still at the window and find something missing that's a different story.) So this woman proceeds to scream "Excuse Me" and HONKS at the window. She then yells at them. And says incredibly nasty things like "Damn Spics."

I kid you not.

It was at this point where I slightly lost it. I don't like to see people abused by someone who thinks they're better than them. I shouted (and I may have used some poor language, but in my defense, I was starving and tired of putting up with this woman). I told her to go into the restaurant. I tell her to get out of the way. I tell her she's holding up the rest of the line. She then yells at me. She asks me "Are you Jewish? You look Jewish" "You f*cking Jew!" I yell back "Apparently money doesn't buy you class, huh?" (I didn't respond that I wasn't because quite honestly, that shouldn't matter) She yells "I'm going to back up and hit your car and blame you." So I counter with, "That's a great idea with all these witnesses here lady."

She then gets in her car and drives off. So either a.) Getting the proper order was not important to her. b.) She did get the right order and was just trying to be a bitch. or c.) The voices in her head told her to drive away before the mob behind her beat her ass.

Lord help her if I see her out and about again.


Melliferous Pants said...

What a foul excuse for a human being. Totally disgusting!

Big Pissy said...

Good God!

What a crazy bitch!

I don't blame you for being angry...I would have been too.

With a car like that, you'll always be able to pick her out of a crowd...and maybe key her car? LOL

Kerry said...

Holy shit Tiff.
What the hell is the matter with you??!!!!
Ok, that being said, WTF was wrong with her??
I'm going to drive round NHP looking for her and crash into her for you.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Pants - She was disgusting. I was horrified at what she was saying.

Pissy - I was more upset for the poor soul at the drive-through window. I was thinking more along the lines of nails behind all 4 tires in a parking lot. Less invasive, but just as good result!

Kerry - I stayed in my car at all times, seriously with my hand on my cell phone. I was ready to call the police, that's how abusive she was. Don't crash into her - just follow her and yell random things. She looked like she was off her meds.