Sunday, June 29, 2008

How Creepy Is This?

This woman is selling her house in West Palm Beach (need I even continue?) and putting a personal ad out there all in one fell swoop. Her ad is entitled "Marry a Princess Lost in America".


First of all, by calling yourself a princess you're scaring off any prospective normal men.

Secondly, what makes you "Lost in America"?

Third of all, isn't selling yourself ummm....prostitution?


And The Beauty Is

The Light in the Piazza. I am so so loving this show. It's my first 'real' run post-Lucas. I also really enjoy working at Smithtown again. It's the one theatre where I've done my longest run (8 weeks of Cats) and feel like a real professional. I like how professional everyone acts and just how well-run it is. (Or at least it seems to me) I also can't complain about the fact that I get paid regularly too.

But I just completely lose myself in the music when I play. I lose all self-consciousness and just for lack of a better word, feel the music. It's shows like this (and The Last 5 Years) that I enjoy playing so much.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Quick Fix Beef Burrito Skillet - Courtesy of Kraft

The good people at the Kraft kitchens came up with this recipe for those of us trying to juggle family, dinner, cleaning the house, doing shows and work. I figured what the heck, had the ingredients on hand and it was delicious. And I used ground turkey so it was a fairly healthy meal. It was the type of dish that leftovers tasted even better.

You'll Shake It Like You Just Don't Care

I discovered the Bird and the Bee on WFUV. Love them. They're a mix of trip-ish hop, lounge, tropicalia and alternative. I think of Pants whenever I hear "Polite Dance Song" since it mentions wanting to see someone's "naughty bit". That's such a Pants phrase.

But they're cool. So cool in fact that I actually plunked down a hard-earned $5 for an EP. For 5 measly songs. But they're such kick-ass songs that I didn't even mind.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Chicago - Day 4

So home we had to go, but we had had a great time, got some major relaxing done and ate a lot of yummy food that can't be found in NY. When is NY going to get a Baker's Square?? I mean, nothing on the dessert menu but pies!!!

Coming home was an airport nightmare, but what can you expect from airlines that are all scrambling at this point? I remember when Southwest's stewardesses sang little songs and were uber-friendly. Now they're just average stewardess-friendly. And why can't I board before other people? I have to balance Luke on my hip and somehow make it all the way towards the back of the plane. I have a loooooong letter to send to the folks at Southwest.

But here's a 'family photo'. Sadly, I think it's one of the first we've ever taken.

Chicago - Day 3

We visited Tommy's mom and had a real "Chicago" lunch - hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches at a little "hot dog stand". (Calling it a 'stand' makes no sense to me. It's inside a building with tables. Wouldn't a stand mean it's outside?) Luke loves loves loves trees and flowers. I think he's going to be a budding botanist. (hee hee) That night Merry came by and we watched "Xanadu" and ate pizza (I'm a thin crust girl - who knew?) and ice cream. (Dairy Queen! There are no Dairy Queens in the NY metro area.) It was good to have just a hang-out-girls'-night together.

Chicago - Day 2

Happy Father's Day! Luke was outfitted appropriately with a shirt that said "Cool Just Like Daddy". Do I rock as a wife or what? It was a warm day, but perfect for swimming. The boys went swimming and relaxed. I took many a picture, fretted by the side of the pool about Luke swallowing pool water, getting it in his ears and sunburns. He's still in one piece, so I think it agreed with him.

Chicago - Day 1

So we finally made it to Chicago for a few days to visit Tommy's family. It was bliss. Four days of napping, eating delicious non-NY food and visiting. On day 1 we got in at Chicago-Midway nice and easy (Luke was an angel on both flights) and promptly went to breakfast. See, here's where NY is lacking. You could trip and fall in the Chicagoland area and find an amazing breakfast place. I was able to choose from like a million different skillets. But I had a chicken, asparagus, cheese skillet. It was delicious. And the babies communed with one another. They got along really well and Luke was loving the fact that he had plenty of room to sleep (poor little guy has really outgrown the cradle) and there were TONS of toys for him to play with. He probably thought he was being punished when we got back home. And, he napped on the most comfy down comforter/feather bed type thing. I may have even dozed off here and there on it.

Friday, June 06, 2008

I'm Officially A Mom

In the hour and a half between getting home from dinner at Mom and Dad's and putting Lukey-Luke to sleep I:

Installed an air conditioner in the window in the bedroom
Wrote protest letters about the use of pesticides in public schools
Cleaned up the stuff I toted home
Fed Luke his cereal
Got him cleaned up
Somehow got him to go to sleep

Now I'm officially tired. New photos of the kid soon. Promise.