Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why I Think This Baby is a Girl
  • All I want to eat is meat and sweets. Give me a burger and a cupcake and I'm happy.
  • Right after I found out I was pregnant I was called to do a production of "Little Women" and then a production of "Tess."
  • I look TOTALLY different than my sister who had a boy.
  • This is a very mellow baby. So far no temper tantrums while still inside. (Although (s)he doesn't like it when I roll over on my right side - I get a good couple of nudges then.)
  • At our "big" ultrasound, the baby kept his/her hand in front of their face. Very dramatic-like. I have a few shots of a teeny face with a balled up fist next to his/her face and a few with their hand in front of their face as if to say, "Puh-leeze, this is not my awake time, leave me alone."

1 comment:

Jerrster said...

waiting...can be intense...for this babygirl...it will be a celebration.

I'm still dancing over my grandbaby!