Saturday, February 03, 2007

Lather, Rinse, Repeat, Ahhhh.....
This morning started out a little...bumpy. Car wouldn't start again. I guess Hank just doesn't care for below-freezing temperatures. So, in trying to re-adjust my morning, I took Tommy's car and was on my merry way. Just about made it to the gym, where I had to snag a less-than-optimal spot, but I was there. And then the gym manager went on a rampage, about purses and coats being on the floor, a fire hazard, blahdy-blah-blah. So she just glowered at me the whole time. The class was good though - not boring, a good instructor who toes the line of being supportive and perky but not annoying. So I left the class and ran some errands while I had vehicular movement.

First to CVS where I stocked up on sale stuff. Toothbrushes, body wash, stockings. But they didn't have my Suave Aloe Vera Gel. I can't find that stuff anywhere. So then off to
Ulta to stock up on my holy grail of conditioners, Back to Basics Pommegranate Peach Conditioner. I love it. And a whole liter of the glorious stuff for ten bucks. Also picked up some gifts for Annie and some Oil of Olay face cleanser that I had run out of.

Then home again, home again to see if the car would start. And it did. So then off again, off again to Jiffy Lube to get the oil changed and see if I need antifreeze. But alas. So hopefully, the addition of new and more oil will make Hank happier. Then, finally, finally home.

So I decided to scrub the tub and acquire some order in my life. Then a nice, long, hot shower. Used some delicious Booth's Walnut Scrub which has a fine balance between exfoliating and scrubbing with a fine aroma of choclate and nuts. Then milk and honey body wash and before finishing, slathering a ton of Jessicurl's Weekly Deeping Treatment in my hair to soak in all day. Topped off with a dusting of Urban Decay's Sparkly Marshmallow Powder which I can then sniff all day on me. Wrapped up in spa clothes that are comfy yet I can be seen in public in should I need to dash out, I'm all set to just relax, read and drink coffee all day.

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