Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Cure for the Laundromat
I usually hate the laundromat. I do. It's really noisy. There's denizens of small children running around like Lord of the Flies savages. The smaller machines are usually all taken. It's chaos. But when I walked in Monday night, what a pleasant surprise. It was (almost) empty. All the smaller machines were free. No running savages. No craziness. And then I remembered my iPod was in my purse. So I plugged in and hit shuffle. My laundry started with Fiona Apple's "Carrion" and ended with the last movement from Dvorak's American String Quartet. It was almost delightful. I shimmied and boogies as I folded and sorted. And while I was waiting for the wash, I read New York Magazine. It was almost a little bit of relaxation. But I couldn't resist taking the photo above. How often do you see caution tape in the laundromat?

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