Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So I was having an off day yesterday. Bummed about not getting the car in the shop, just running around all crazy-like. And then after work, I decided to go to the library to get some books and movies for my automobile-imposed exile tomorrow. And as soon as I stepped into the library, this calm settled over me. It's as if I entered a little haven amongst the chaos in my life. I guess I've always liked libraries. I like how organized they are, how clean and neat they are. And how they're sort of predictible. They're always there, ready for you, available. If I need some time to just decompress, I go to the magazine section and settle into one of those vinyl chairs and read "Gourmet" for a while, or whatever magazine catches my eye. When I was little, Mom would take us practically daily to the library. We always joined the 'summer reading club'; entered all their contests, building haunted houses, making dioramas; gathered our treasures to display in the library's showcases; took workshops in the community room and read the "Librifax" religiously to find out what was going on. And as soon as I moved, I searched out our library. I originally thought it was this modern, fancy thing, but discovered we were in the district the next town over. So I dejectedly went to the older library, but found I love those more. All the new ones have such odd categorizations for the books. I like the upstairs/downstairs separation. I like the vinyl chairs. I like the pea-green carpets. I like how I feel safe at the library. How there's all these books and cds and movies I've never seen just waiting for me.

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