Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Classical Station of the NY Times
I love WQXR. I love how classy they are. I love the little review snippets. And I love how their marketing people assume that their main demographic is wealthy people. Apparently because I listen to the classical station, it's assumed that I can afford a Lexxus/BMW/Mercedes, can travel internationally and would only have Bose audio equipment. I'm amused by that. And I love how their djs make little quips. Jeff Spurgeon was talking about Gershwin and how sad it was that he passed away really at the height of his creativity. And then he says "Well, I've certainly put a damper on that perky little piece." He cracks me up sometimes. I do miss Lloyd Moss though. He had this wonderfully soothing voice. He was the perfect drive-home dj. He'd make little informational comments on the pieces and inject his banter with things like "Now, doesn't that make this afternoon a little better?" I could feel the day's woes slip away listening to him.

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