Sunday, February 11, 2007

Red Meat, White Wine, Blue Movie
Last night we had fun doing our taxes, having a nice dinner and just hanging out with friends. Steak is just too tasty. I think my renewed taste for it comes from the fact that after my first chemo treatment, I was finally able to eat and the first thing we had was an early bird prime rib dinner at the steakhouse down the road from the oncologist's office. So steak is something of a comfort food for me, since it was the first real meal I was able to actually enjoy after being sick for so long.

And as entertainment we watched the beginning of Pirates. Last time Diane and I were in Blockbuster looking for a movie, we saw this soft porn looking version of Pirates of the Caribbean. Little did we know this was actually a reduction of an award-winning porn! So we were quite curious as to how they'd cut it down to be suitable for renting from Blockbuster. Too funny.

With dinner we had the above white wine. I'm so not a wine person, but this was delicious. Two large glasses later...Diane and I were having a grand ole time. We beat the guys at Trivial Pursuit and pigged out on oatmeal chip cookies. Not a bad time was had by all.

Curiously enough though, I discovered this morning that wine gives me a worse hangover than Jack Daniel's. Whodathunkit?

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