Saturday, February 10, 2007

As Far Back as I Can Remember
I Always Wanted To Be a Gangster
I had the craziest time just now. It was incredibly reminiscent of that scene in Goodfellas where Henry's trying to prepare drugs for smuggling, make a huge Italian dinner and run family errands. It's probably my favorite scene in the movie and it's just so tangible because we all feel like that at some time.

But there I was, running from picking out wine for tonight's dinner, to grabbing a wad of cash to pay for an auto part so I can get my car later after having had an eyebrow wax. (What a difference groomed brows makes. I can never get over that.)Crazy.

It's interesting though. I realized I can really handle myself in almost any environment. I feel just as comfortable at Lincoln Center as I do at an auto parts store. Now, of course I'd rather be at Lincoln Center, but I can do both. And that's empowering in a way.

On another note, I have recently fallen in love with a new hair product. It's cheap, easy and gives good curl. L'Oreal markets this stuff for texturizing shorter hair, but it works wonders on curls and my fellow girls agree. I've got good clumping and smooth, shiny curls. I can't believe it. And it's under $5 and I can buy it in the drugstore. Too good to be true almost.

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