Saturday, February 17, 2007

Jamie is Over and Jamie is Done
I seriously, seriously, seriously could play
"The Last 5 Years" forever. I mean, it's just so......exquisite. I mean, it's got this amazing story, which on the surface doesn't seem so amazing, I mean, it's just a boy-meets-girl, etc. story. But it's all in the way it's told, through the songs and the language. Plus, the songs are just so brilliantly written. You've got a latin-flavored song, the show opens with this sad, Baroque inspired piece, there's some country twang in there, it's just so incredible. And plus, everyone just loves to play it so when we finally get all the bits and pieces together, it just cooks.

I still get butterflies in my stomach when I hear that opening piano part. And I feel it all through me. I get angry with Cathy when her tone changes in "See, I'm Smiling" and feel so pained when Jamie's agonizing over what's going on in "Nobody Needs to Know." It's one of those shows that just goes right through me. The only other shows that come close to that are "Ragtime" and "West Side Story."

If you want to come see this brilliant, inspiring, amazing show, visit the theatre
website for more info.

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