Monday, July 30, 2007

An Open Letter to the Jerk in the Old Car on Southern State Parkway

Hi! It's me. The person in the Saturn who you gave a disdainful look to as you passed me. Because you had to swerve around me since you were traveling way too fast in the right hand lane.
The right hand lane is for people to MERGE onto and off of the parkway. It's not your personal zoom-by-others lane. And not to mention the other 2 cars ahead of me who apparently had no idea that you had to speed up a little as you merge onto a parkway.
Oh, and it doesn't make you cool if you drive an old car. It's an old car that's been well cared for moron - one with a real paint job and not a Harley Davidson decals all over it. (Blasphemy)
And lose the mullet loser.


Crabby said...

UGH! I hate those jerks who do that crap. You go, Curly. GIVE HIM HELL! WOOT!

Melliferous Pants said...

I hate people.

Big Pissy said...

It's situations like the one who experienced that call for a dashboard mounted machine gun.

Jill said...

Gee whiz...maybe you need to get with

You guys have both been encountering quite the friendly drivers. :-(

buddha_girl said...

I've already taught Buddha that it's ok to use the beep-beep when dealing with assinine people like that. Kudos to you for remaining calm.

I'm more of the scream your lungs out while making direct eye contact kinda girl.

And a mullet, to boot? Arghhhh...awful!

Kerry said...

Excellent, lovin the open letters!

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

BG - The mullet was pretty bad. And I like that you've taught Buddha already about the wonders of the 'beep beep.'

Kerry - Inspired by you my dear!!