Thursday, July 12, 2007

Starbucks - Not the Villian You Expected
I think Starbucks gets a bum rap sometimes. I think people think it's some 'evil huge monster' company that puts little coffee places out of business. I don't necessarily think this is true. There are still quite a few coffee houses around my parts and most of the time they're hard to get into for how popular they are. I certainly don't see them hurting.

But Starbucks really does try to be good. I mean, they offer their employees benefits, regardless of whether they are full or part time. They have programs dedicated to helping others in countries that are less fortunate than we are. They sell water - a portion of which the proceeds go towards ensuring safe drinking water for children in underpriveledged countries. They have great music. I've bought quite a few cds from Starbucks and have discovered new artists I wouldn't have otherwise found.

And I was able to order something that's not even on their menu. I wanted a flavored steamed milk. (Hazelnut if you must know) And poof. They gave it to me. And it wasn't $5.

So Starbucks gets a gold star in my book. And I still patronize the little independent coffee places as well.


buddha_girl said...

I ADORE steamers! I've weaned Buddha on them as well. In the winter months, he'll accompany me to Starbucks or one of the independent coffee houses and sip on a hazelnut or vanilla steamer with me. Good times!

Kerry said...

In our house we refer to it as Fivebucks.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

BG - They are so tasty. And pregnancy-friendly! (I had ordered a decaf mocha once and I don't think that's what I got.) Now they have almond syrup so I might have to try one of those!

Kerry - Hence why steamers are good - they're cheap!

Jay said...

Sorry ladies, I don't do the coffee thing, not even remotely.

Melliferous Pants said...

I love me some good customer service!