Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lemony, Shiney, Curly Goodness
Ah ha! Finally realized why my hair has been a poofy, frizzy mess. I totally forgot about applying product to sopping wet hair. Which is challenging and messy, but it works. And I have this new product to thank for it. I've discovered two kinds of products that work well for me. Cheap ones, and ones designed for ethnic hair. Guess I'm more worldly than I thought I was! But my hair is just so inherently me and when I was without it, I just felt like I had no identity. So now I'm relishing in my longer, curlier (if that was even possible) locks. And it smells lemony and not fragrancy. And it's all natural, which is even better. I don't know why I'm making an effort to use more natural products, I guess I'm trying to be a better person in some way, or I feel like more natural products will be less detrimental to me in the long run. Or maybe I just don't like the idea of all sorts of preservatives on me.

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