Friday, January 19, 2007

This stuff is amazing. I'm always pleasantly surprised when I buy something in a magazine and it really works. I saw this while reading Lucky magazine while I was waiting for my class at the gym to start. And being that both Tommy and I are still congested and feeling blah, I figured I'd try to find it. So on a whim, after the class, I head next door to the Vitamin Shop where they carry the Kiss My Face brand. And on another whim I look at the sale table. Poof! Right there is a set with the shower gel and the room spray (misty menthol goodness) for less than the gel is advertised for. Bonus. I love sales. I love free stuff. AND the guy behind the counter gave me a deal on vitamin c and liquid vitamins. Now, I haven't taken either, but at least my intentions are healthy. But the shower gel is amazing. It makes you feel all tingly and opens those clogged nasal passages. And if nothing else, it makes having to wake up when it's still bloody dark outside that much easier. Go find some of this stuff before it's all gone.

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