Saturday, January 27, 2007

But When the Day's Hustle and Bustle is Done
Saw Cats last night with Stephanie and Meghan. It was fun. Had a bite to eat first (as much as I don't like the idea of chain restaurants, it's hard to argue with the ease and affordability of Friday's 3-course menu for a mere $13) and then off to the theatre. It was a decent performance. But of course, all I could be reminded of was how I lived with this show for 3 months at just this time last year. And I had fun with it. I liked being the only string in the pit, I liked hanging out with the gang afterwards. I liked all the little inside jokes and carrying on once we were comfortable with the score. And it was a little bittersweet. And I always wonder. I do. I wonder if I would have been able to do it as a full-time job. Would I have had the drive? Or the inclination to really put in the effort to try to succeed at it? Would I still be here? Or would I have been forced to be somewhere smaller so I could survive?

But I digress...

The way home I had on WFUV as usual and the Grateful Dead came on. Now, I never really admitted this to anyone, for fear of being forced to turn in my "too hip for the average crowd" card, but I kind of like them. And I guess this fear stems from college. College had less clique distinctions than high school and everyone was welcoming to everyone else, but there was still this.....urging to reaffirm who you were and what you were not. Probably as a response to being so outcast or so ill-regarded in high school. So I was a unique, retro-wearing glamour chick who took great pains in getting dressed for classes and the such and cultivated such an aura. And there were deadheads, most of whom were in the art school but in the painting and sculpture classes, not the design classes. And everyone co-existed peacefully, and tried to respect each other's likes and whatnot, but you never really got into their mileu. But I do like the Dead. I like the song "Truckin." I like the way they totally go from an easy rock feeling to a total dead-on jazz jam. I actually respect that. So there I am. A confessed appreciator of the Dead.

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