Monday, August 06, 2007

***Caution - Healthy Baby Under Construction***

We had our big sonogram on Friday. I had turned down all genetic testing (too many false positives for my liking) and so I was a little nervous. But everything looks PERFECT! Baby Jordan is growing the way they should and exhibited a few personality traits even (in the interest of avoiding confusion I will refer to the baby as "her" since I think it's a girl, but we didn't find out):

She kept her tiny hands in front of her face the whole time, as if to say "This isn't my awake time, please come back later." Refused to move them, so the 3-D pictures show a teeny hand by the face at all times.

She's a very "mellow baby" as noted by the doctor.

She's got an incredibly sweet face, which includes most of her daddy's features, but most likely my nose. (Poor kid.)

She's smart. She's stretched out over the width of my body, with her head by my right hip and feet by my left, hence why I still look tiny. She's using all the space she has. (If that doesn't say girl, I don't know what does!)

She's perfectly healthy. (I know that's not a personality trait, but I can't stop saying it.)

Last night Tommy and I agreed, that we've been patient and not anxious, but after getting such a glimpse of the baby, we can't wait to see and hold her. We got a fix last night when we saw nephew Ismaeel at a SURPRISE SHOWER (impromptu since Merry Berry is here visiting) and held him. He settled in watching baseball with his uncle and promptly fell asleep. Tommy didn't acquire the nickname "Uncle Sandman" for nothing. We recieved many a lovely gift, adorable little sleepers - some of which are baseball themed. I think Tommy's favorite gifts were from my sister Annie (Ismaeel's mommy) - two storybooks about baseball and little teeny Converse that look like baseballs- white with red stitching. I kid you not, if there was gift giving as an Olympic event, my sister would have the gold wrapped up - she always buys the most perfect gift.

Baby Jordan is adding their $.02 as I type this so consider that a greeting!


Jill said...

Awwwww!!!!!!! How sweet! How long left to go?

Crabby said...

Curly, I didn't know you were expecting a baby! Congratulations! This is soooo cool. Of course you are obligated to take photos. I remember being so excited. And that every year of his childhood was the best one. Right up till those teen years when they know it all and you become the world's biggest dummy. LOL!

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Jill - My due date is December 17. I'm a little over 21 weeks. About 130 days to go!

Crabby - Thanks! We're incredibly excited and just enjoying everything as it comes.

Jerrster said...

it will change your life...period

tell daddy to be there....every moment....he will NEVER regret it....i didn't twice.

it's magic!

Big Pissy said...

How fun!

Surprise parties are always so special. :)

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Jer - For your weight loss/gain purposes, I've only gained 5 pounds to date. The daddy-to-be is beyond excited. We've wanted this for a long time, so we're over the moon. He was once a nanny, so I foresee him being very there and very hands-on.

Pissy - It was fun. Got me real excited to register and all that jazz!

buddha_girl said...

OMG love the Converse sneaks! Good times!

So glad everything's looking super well with Baby J. Ironically, my sisters and I were discussing the whole "false positive" crap this week. I'm glad you don't regret going the other way.

Tommy sounds like such a great daddy! What a great complement to you as the great mommy!

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

BG - I do not regret turning down the genetic testing at all. I've only heard horrific false positive stories. Tommy is just over the moon about this kid. He's very kid-friendly - was a nanny for a year, so I'm nothing but confident he will be a very doting daddy. He LOVES his nephew, who falls asleep on a dime for him- my sister and brother-in-law call him Uncle Sandman!