Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Say Goodbye to Stars Hollow
Last night was the last episode of "Gilmore Girls." I know it's a cheesy little show, but I really had enjoyed it. It was unique - an hour long "dramedy" that combined elements of drama with lots of comedic dialogue, interesting characters (I mean, where else is Sally Struthers going to find work?), and a delightful setting. It was very well done, tied up all loose ends really and closed with a perfect ending scene. I was a little misty-eyed during the second half of the show but it was delightful. If I could live in a town like Stars Hollow I would.

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Big Pissy said...

I used to ADORE this show.

I think it was the first 3 or 4 seasons.....then the last few years, I just lost interest. I think it conflicted with another favorite or something.

My youngest daughter (24) was a big fan until the end.

She'll miss it too.