Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mmmm......Bone-Shaped Dessert
Yesterday I finally got my haircut. Went to Zeba in Huntington and saw Steven. He was fabulous. He told me me hair was "gorgeous" and "unique." I liked that. In having hair that got me teased incessantly from grades 6 through 10, it's so refreshing to be stopped by strangers to be told they love my hair. It seemed like every stylist in the salon had to come over to touch my hair and marvel at it's curliness. But I sat there and Steven shook out my hair. It looked messy but that sexy messy that you see in ads. Then he cut it (dry!) and it started to take some shape. It just kept looking better and better. It so needed something. It was just long and hanging there and when it was dry the ends would get poufy and it'd look silly. I was wearing it up more often than not. So he shaped and shaped. He stood back and looked. It was seriously the first time since my first Deva-cut where I liked what I saw happening. We talked about food and restaurants and he was just delightful - humming along with the music playing. It was really a relaxed atmosphere, which was nice. Then off to get "washed" with Deva products; Low Poo and One Condition. He had asked me a lot about how I had my hair done last and I told him how I walked out of Deva with my hair feeling very product-y and stiff and how it took forever to get the curl back. He was shocked that that happened and promised we'd find a way to finish my hair without it getting product-y. I was Low Poo-ed and conditioned. Not as luxuriously as at Deva, but nice enough for a Saturday morning. Then back to the chair, where Steven styled my hair with Aquage gel. He was great - didn't try to push a single product on me, and told me we'd try the gel and see if it works, since he knows you never know how it'll dry, but he liked the sound of the gel, as it was botanical and should give shape and some control without stiffness. So he worked the gel in sections - not how I do my hair, but that's such a personal thing with curlies. And then he sent me on my way, after telling me that it was such a nice way to start his day doing my hair. That's just nice. I'm definitely going back. It was WAY cheaper than a Deva cut and I was completely satisfied.

Then I met Diane for a meal and sorely needed hanging-out time. We went to
J.T.'s Corner Cafe. Thank goodness I had checked out the menu ahead of time. There were so many options in front of me. But I was in the mood for eggs and breakfast and went with corned beef hash. (My guilty pleasure when it comes to breakfast.) It was delicious. I couldn't even finish it - it was so plentiful. And we got orders of the "funny bones" to go. Oh sweet chocolately peanut buttery goodness. They were small cakes shaped like bones - a layer of devil's food sponge and a layer of peanut butter on top of that, all covered in chocolate. We were in heaven. And they were eaten whilst watching "The Night Listener." Not a bad movie - one of those quirky little films that I really enjoy. And then went home to veg out and fell asleep on the couch. Just what a weekend is for.


Big Pissy said...

My oldest daughter (28) has curly hair. I think you just described her idea of hair cut heaven! ;-)

I love the way you write. :)

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

A great curly hair cut is never easy to find! Has your daughter visited There's a directory of "curly friendly" salons.

I LOVE your blog!!

Jill said...

I never make time to get my hair done & then am always so happy when I finally do...

and YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!! That sounds like YUM!!