Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Productive Little Glamour Girl
I'm actually suprised by how much I got done today:

Got up and started cleaning - cleaned the bedroom, went through all my toiletry type stuff, cleaned my closet and I mean, thoroughly cleaned my closet. Came up with 3 bags of garbage and 2 bags of clothes to give away.

Started setting my wireless router up and discovered I needed another network cable.

So at this point I made one of my world-famous lists and made a plan of attack. Showered and got ready to be uber-productive.

Went first to the little mom-and-pop computer fix-it shop (how Sesame Street - just like Luis' Fix-it Shop). They had a cable for $5. Not bad at all.

Then went to drop off my dry-cleaning. Done and done.

Went to drop some shoes off to be re-soled, but no dice. They're not open on Saturdays. On Sundays, yes, but not Saturdays.

Not dejected I pressed on. Went next to drop off 3 HUGE bags of clothing off to the Salvation Army. Check and check.

Then went to Shop Rite to get rid of empty bottles and cans and pick up some ricotta cheese for a lasagna I may make later. Also picked up some goodies. Cheese curls are so hideously unnatural, from their bright orange color to their unnatural crunch. And mango slices. I love mango, but any time I buy a whole one and try to cut it up it's a disaster; mango juice everywhere and very little eatable flesh.

Then last but not least - the library. To return some items and look for something delightful to watch. No dice again. Slim pickings in the DVD area.

Then finally home. Where I resumed setting up the wirelss (success!) and am now typing from the comfort of the couch whilst I watch the Heroes marathon, with a satiated sense of accomplishment!


Big Pissy said...

Wow! You WERE productive!

Doesn't it feel good?!?!? :)

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

It does. I live to run errands. My dear husband CAN'T STAND to run them - but it gives me a sense of accomplishment!

Of course the wireless isn't working now, but......

John Poole said...

I'm with your husband. I can't stand that stuff. Cleaning out the closet - uhhh. Deciding whether an article of clothing should stay or go - uhhh. As a whole, women just enjoy that stuff more. I don't do why - do you?