Saturday, May 26, 2007

And Now For This Short Break From Our Sponsor
I have the cheap(er) cable. No HBO, no STARZ, nothing like that. Which is perfectly fine. I get a lot of reading done. So when I do watch television, unless I'm watching PBS, Turner Classic Movies or FOX Original Movies, I'm stuck watching commercials.

Commercials That Suck and Piss Me Off
Three Musketeers - The commercial where the 3 women are at the movies, and one opens her purse and 3 candy bars float out. The one woman, who apparently is a complete moron lets it float away up to the balcony since apparently she has no clue that she can just GRAB THE DAMN THING. And then proceeds to be a complete bitch and snatches her friend's candy bar from her for laughing at her. First of all, I understand the premise that they're trying to tell us that 3 Musketeer bars are light. Fine. Go with that little premise. However, I hate that the woman in the middle is just plain a.) stupid. b.) mean and c.) talking so loudly in a movie theater. With movie ticket prices at $10, I'd be telling her to shut the hell up.

Arby's - The commercial where 3 construction-type guys are standing IN Arby's and one is arguing that there's no way you can get 5 particular menu items for only $5.95. They then proceed to make a bet about this. Okay dumbass. Aren't you standing IN Arby's and can you not read? Why the hell would you make a bet if there's an ENORMOUS sign right there above the counter telling you that you can do just that? They should have made the bet even better since it was such a sucker bet.

One Commercial I Actually Found Entertaining
Vitamin Water - 50 Cent guest conducting an orchestra with one of his homeys playing first viola (except the first viola would sit on the right hand side of the stand looking at them). I laughed my cute little heiney off. It was just too funny. Can you imagine being the orchestra that got hired to do that taping? How cool would that be?

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