Friday, September 08, 2006

Pink Elephants on Parade

So I've been stressing all week about my appointment with Dr. B. I was trying to think logically, that I've been feeling really well, been doing good at the gym, not coughing, not having fevers or sweats or anything. But I can try to think as logically as I want and it doesn't matter. There's this tiny voice in the back of my head that continues to chant "You had cancer, you can get it again, it might come back." So I just needed the validation. And once I heard that my CT scan came back clear and that the scar tissue is shrinking yet even more, it felt like 2 of those pink elephants that plagued Dumbo after drinking the champagne-tinged water just floated off my shoulders.

So then I was able to enjoy a nice evening of playing my heart out and just generally enjoying the bliss of being healthy.

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