Sunday, September 17, 2006

Have You Seen the Way They Kiss in the Movies?

So, my run of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" has come to an end. It was an amazingly fun run. There was just this great dynamic in the pit that was so great and so synchronous. Plus, we're all talking about the next couple of shows coming up, so it's all good. The cast was great, we were smokin', it was all good.

Mom, Dad and Tommy come to the show. I'm extra excited to play and pay uber-close attention so as I don't make any stupid mistakes. Show goes well, audience seems to like it. Family enjoys it (which is always a plus) and everyone could actually hear me as an added bonus.

Two shows on Saturday. An afternoon matinee which went fairly well - good crowd - and they had interpreters for the deaf. We all joked that if the audience was deaf - why would they need us? But it was another good show. Eight of us then piled over to Bertucci's where we drank (it was a 2 martini weekend - I had a Berry Smoothie type martini here), stuffed ourselves silly and just had amazing conversation. We all talked about music and how this generation now that we're all teaching has very little frame of reference when it comes to music. We all grew up watching Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry. Classical music galore. So when it came time to play the Hungarian Fantasy or William Tell or The Barber of Seville, we were already accustomed to what it was supposed to sound like. It's interesting. So we talked about that, we talked about movie music, about current and future shows happening. Jill had me try Sapphire Gin mixed with club soda with lime. Now, I'm not a fan of lime, but it was a pretty good drink - I'll have to keep that in mind. So we trek back to the theatre and it was just beautiful outside. Balmy, breezy, just nice. So Jim, Jon, Ed and Jill start up a frisbee game and I settle down next to Denise to just read the paper and enjoy the fresh air. They were having fun, I was having fun watching them and it was just great to be outside and soak up some last bit of warmth before fall really kicks in. We head back inside for our second show and that's where we all start getting punch drunk. All of us were chiming in when we could with what was going on onstage. It was just too too much fun. But then, at the end of the show, where I have this hugely exposed part I miss a G#. Argh. I was pissed all night. But I got over it.

I get to Jill's house and we head off to Hofstra. Park far away to get some exercise. Then went on to the Italian Fest and ate a piece of bread stuffed with pepperoni, salami, ham and cheese. Argh. But we had a good time walking around, just enjoying the gorgeous weather and looking at different wares from different vendors. Then inside we went for the last show of Millie. It was quite bittersweet - lots of fun, totally jamming on the score but knowing it was the last time (for a while at least) we'd be playing it. Then after the show, Jill, Sandy and I hit Papparazzi for a nice, leisurely dinner, complete with martinis to celebrate the end of a real good run, good friends and good health.

It was just such a great weekend. And even though I was plenty busy without much time for myself, it was so fulfilling and wonderful. I mean, how many people really get to spend their free time doing something they enjoy thoroughly and get paid for it?

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