Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Caution - Cello Under Construction

So I have to take Fred in for some minor work. There's a hairline crack that I've got. Luckily, it's nothing much, and should just take maybe a week to have fixed. Plus, I ordered a new A and D string and really, really need my bow rehaired. I'm thinking once this is all done, Fred will be in tip top shape and ready for the next marathon I have coming up. I have 2 free weekends and then non-stop action:

Sept. 23/24 - Free
Oct. 1 - Possible baseball trip/Oct. 2 - Free
Oct. 7 - Free/Oct. 8 NPSO Rehearsal
Oct. 14/15 - Fall Fair at work - working crazy-like all weekend
Oct. 21 - Free, Oct. 22 - NPSO Concert followed by rehearsal for King & I
Oct. 28 - King & I performance/Oct. 29 - King & I performance followed by rehearsal for My Fair Lady
Nov. 4/5 - My Fair Lady performances
Nov. 11 - My Fair Lady/ Nov. 12 - Free
Nov. 18/19 - My Fair Lady Performances

So basically, I have craziness till Thanksgiving. But it's all good - I'll be seeing my pals and just playing my little heart out. Nothing bad about that at all. It's just odd to look at my schedule and *poof* my weekends are filled. But what good is having weekends if you can't fill them with something you love?

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