Sunday, January 01, 2006

Groovin' With Cats and Eating With Celebs
Wednesday night's show was cooking. I love that. I felt in the groove, wasn't thinking about anything else and just played. That's when I always start pontificating that I should get more into music. Which of course leads me to take out about a million books on music theory and listen endlessly to cds. I get like that sometimes. I get interested in math, take out books, realize how much I like it and then fizzle out. I often wonder where all this is going to lead me. Which is why I enjoyed Ruth's books so much. Her journey was such a cirtuitous one, that it makes me feel better that I don't often feel my life travelling in such a straight line. Right now I feel like I'm in something of a holding pattern, that things are on the horizon for change, but not just yet.

But I digress.....

2 Thursdays ago I got to eat at Felidia's, which was so neat. It was really cool going to a restaurant that was reviewed in the Times. I always say that as much as I enjoy my simple life, I could easily be a kept woman and live in the lap of luxury! But Felidia's was beautiful - the restaurant itself is rustic, yet fancy, not overboard, but just lovely without trying too hard. I felt comfortable there, not out-of-place. The service was amazing, attentive without being too cloying or overbearing. The bread basket was interesting - sweet breadsticks with hints of rosemary and cheese to be dipped in flavored hummus and olive oil, mixed in with crusty bread and crumbly scone-like bread. I ordered the shrimp in a creamy sauce served in a red onion and pasta with duck. It was so delicious. Everything was so tasty. The shrimp was tender, but not mushy, the onion was delicious and I used the bread to get every bit of the sauce I could. The pasta with duck was delicious - the meat tender and full of flavor. I'm hoping the leftovers in the fridge are still good - I plan on breaking them out today. Annie was the only one who ordered dessert, but they still brought out a plate of toasted pannatone type bread with a caramel flavored sauce ladeled on top of it and then a plate of cookies on top of that. Truly decadent. It was nice to be treated so well at a restaurant I wouldn't normally go to. Definitely a place to go to for a special occasion if you want to be sure you'll get your money's worth and have an enjoyable meal.

But what a whirlwind the holidays were with Ann's wedding (which was amazingly lovely) and playing so much. I almost can't wait to get back to the monotony of work. Which of course I'm dreading at the same time. I'm hoping with bringing new software around there's possibility for me to grow a little.

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