Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ruth Reichel Rocks
I just finished her 2 autobiographical novels that relay her journey to becoming a food critic. It's heartening to see such a cirtuitous route to a destination. I often wonder how I'm going to turn out. Sometimes I feel more of a work-in-progress than a true adult.

But I digress...I think what I love most is that she writes so passionately about food. And there's all those nifty recipes tucked at poignant parts in her books too. Plus, her style of writing lends itself to making you feel as though you're hearing her stories told by her over a cup of tea.

Show tonight at 6:00pm, which is probably the highlight of my day. I'm continually surprised by how much I love playing the cello. I'll whine and complain about having to leave the house to get to the theatre, but once I'm there I feel like I never left. Plus, I'm at that really good spot, where I'm comfortable with the show and am in the groove of it all.

Then settling in to eat copious amounts of chocolate and watching Project Runway. Which reminds me so much of art school. The pettiness of the competition, being critical of your colleagues, the rush of trying to accomplish something creative under the threat of a deadline. I truly don't miss all that.

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