Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What We Do Every Night Pinky.....

If you've ever met Lucas, you know he's a super-smartie. I know I'm a doting mama and such, but he is, really. And if you need proof, I submit the following. Here he is trying to take over the world. We're convinced he's secretly an evil villain. He's got all the characteristics; the almost non-existent hair, the quirky wardrobe and the interesting pet (Cupid, the rattle reindeer).

So here he is, working very very hard at his evil plan:
Notice the little globe next to his control panel. It's how he chooses his targets. I asked him to spare Panama since they make such delicious coffee as well as Holland since that's where yummy cheese comes from.

And here he noticed his classified area was broken into and promptly called for security.
Notice the little button he just pushed calling for security? You think it's a simple toy that plays animal sounds and synthesizer versions of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, but once deployed, the hounds are released.

Bribery does work however, and by slipping Dr. L-Bear an ice cube I was spared tortuous punishment with the death laser.
I was recognized as being an ally and even let in on some classified information. I was given the code name "Maaahhh". We discussed future evil plots and had a happy conclusion to our meeting. I have since been made press agent for Dr. L-Bear. (Notice Cupid not far from control central on the floor.)


egan said...

But can he play Scrabble online with his Facebook account?

Kerry McKibbins said...

OMG!!!! He is so ADORABLE!!!!!

Big Pissy said...

What a cutie pie!!!!! :)

Diane said...

Can I be a hench(wo)man, please? I can be in charge of the puppets, or the cereal and bananas.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Eg - He just might if I left the computer running and in reach. He loves to type!

Kerry - Thank you - you can bestow kisses on said baby Monday!

BP - Thanks - you'll get no argument from me there!

Di - Absolutely. He'd welcome you aboard immediately. Especially if you have food and/or puppets.

Jenna said...

I love him. I must kiss those toes, in person, at a date not very far in the future (especially seeing as how we may not have a future if he destroys the universe).

Will write back soon.