Friday, July 04, 2008


I'm telling you - slap a "new" label on a product and I pony up like a gambler at OTB. Especially if it's remotely related to my beloved macaroni and cheese. I saw these in a commercial while on vacation in Chicago. I had to have them. Saw them this week at the supermarket and bought them - even though they weren't on sale. They're incredibly cheesy, are shaped like elbow pasta and make your fingers a delicious orange hue. Nummy num num.

While in Chicago, I happened upon Nilla Cakesters. Now the jury is very split about the Oreo Cakesters. I kin
d of like them, in as much as I love anything having to do with Oreos. And since I'm more of a chocolate girl I didn't expect to like the 'Nilla Cakersters. It was just that "new product syndrome" that drove me to buy them. But oh man. They were delicious. As the Oreo variety taste slightly manufactured (not a real homey devil's food flavor), the 'Nilla variety taste like someone just baked a yellow cake, cut out 2 circles and slathered some cream between them. Cake heaven.


buddha_girl said...

I have to avoid the cake, snack, and cracker aisles in ANY store - otherwise, I buybuybuy LIKE A MANIAC. Buddha ALWAYS sniffs out the new products. I tried the Oreo Cakesters a few months ago because my resolve caved when he was begging. SO expensive. SO bad for me. However, now when I want one, I have a recipe that tastes like PURE HEAVEN.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Luckily, if it's not on sale I won't buy it. With the exception of "NEW" products! But the Entemann's bakery outlet where things are 3/$5?? That's dangerous.

And do share the recipe!!!