Monday, December 24, 2007

Thank Heaven For Grandma

We had been having a time of it trying to do the night thing with Luke. Until my mother came by yesterday and showed us the uber-mummy-grandma swaddle. Which put him out like a light IN THE CRADLE! The cradle in which he had previously screamed in as if we put him into an enormous venus fly trap.

Tommy and I actually both slept last night. At the same time. With the lights out.



buddha_girl said...


I've been absent for so long that I missed Luke's grand entrance.

Three cheers for Grandma and her swaddling technique. I learned that one while I was a nanny. It works like a CHARM.

I'll also say that you can swaddle him TO you if you ever fear that you'll conk out while sitting up with him during a 3am feeding. I learned how to do that one on my own. *preening* Har!

Sincerely, I'm so very happy for you, Tommy, and Luke. Beautiful pictures. I feel honored that you've shared everything here!

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Thanks BG! I guess I should have gone to the baby care class at the hospital. But every time they had it I was feeding the baby.

Swaddled to me...that's a good one. I do start to sway in the bed during those early morning feedings!

Big Pissy said...

That's what Grandmas are for! :)

Merry Christmas!!!!