Sunday, December 09, 2007

Nasty Note

Left on the windshield of a HUGE Lincoln Navigator that was parked so badly that the person next to them would have trouble backing out:

If you can't properly park your truck, don't drive it. This is rude and dangerous.

And....while leaving it on the windshield, I noticed that the genius driving the truck left their purse in plain sight, on the front seat.



Big Pissy said...

This is such a coincidence!

Sweet Man and I were in front of Barnes and Nobles last night...about to back out of our parking space...when we noticed a woman in a HUGE Suburban trying to park it. We stopped to watch....After several failed attempts...she just left it parked half on/half off the curb. Got out of the truck...and walked into the store.

Stupid bitch! LOL

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

I'd have flattened the tire on the curb. She'd have thought she did it herself.

Jay said...

Some people should barely be pedestrians.

buddha_girl said...

I loathe people like that. It's usually stupid chicks whose men purchase those assinine vehicles for them and then allow them to be public nuisances.

I had a kid several years ago whose mother I hated. I called her the Yukon-driving, Prada Bag Bitch. The name stuck.