Monday, June 25, 2007

Mmmmmm.....Bacon Flavored Goodness
Okay. Who's the marketing genius who came up with these? They are like the potato chip version of CRACK! I have to seriously ration them out, as they fulfill Baby Jordan's request for all things bacon-y and potato-y. I might have to make sure we're stocked with them at all times.


buddha_girl said...

Are they really that good? I always get a little scared when I see bacon-flavored things. However, I ADORE freaking Pringles and will attempt to eat them in your new fav flavor. I'll let ya know what I think.

Kerry said...

I think you should name the baby Jordan.
Jordan Jordan.
Good for a boy or a girl.
Jordan Jordan.
I like it.

Jerrster said...

why is it popular to add bacon to everything....I heard there is now a bacon flavored martini.

a blt is good...after that it's overkill

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Kerry - That's almost as good as the little boy in the movie Parenthood who was named "Cool." Just to show you what a geek I am, there's a character in The Great Gatsby named Jordan Baker, I told Tommy we can call the baby Baker Jordan and only a select few people would get it. Tommy suggested River.

Jerrster - Baby Jordan wants nothing but bacon. I can't explain it. Now, a bacon martini I'd draw the line at. Mmmmm.....blt.

Big Pissy said...

mmmmmmm.....I LOVE blts!

trying to stay away from the pringles, though. ;-)

buddha_girl said...


I've bought a can of the bacon/ranch Pringles and plan on sharing some with my kid tomorrow as a snack. I'll let you know how they fare!