Friday, June 08, 2007

Close Proximity Audience Member Watch - Weekend 2

Thursday night - My dear sweet husband. It was so so nice to play with him a foot away from me. And he lavished praise on me the whole way home!

Friday night - An annoying older middle-aged woman. She was a mouth breather and a fidgeter. At intermission she also was talking with her little group of ducks who collectively were astronomically more annoying in group format. They talked about every other show they went to and every local they vacationed at. Vapid, mindless comments.

Saturday matinee - Empty seat.

Saturday evening - An older gentleman. Wore big blue velcro shoes. Kept waking (or trying to) his wife/companion up. On his way out of the theatre proclaimed, "I kept worrying she was going to stab me with her thing." Ummm....sure, after playing this instrument for more than half my life, I don't possess the skills necessary to make sure I don't "stab someone."

Sunday matinee - A group of women sat down near the aisle. Their friend was sitting elsewhere and then moved by them and sat in The Seat. The friends moved after the first musical number but the woman in The Seat stayed. I couldn't tell if she was pissed she was so close to us or what but she didn't move over at all. At the end when the cast acknowledges us, she actually said, "Oh yeah" as if she emphatically agreed. Who knew?

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