Wednesday, March 07, 2007

George and George on an Awful, No-Good, Bad Day
So today was just chaos, chaos at work, running around all aimless like and frustration. But now I'm nestled in after stuffing myself silly with Taco Bell, watching a cute little monkey talk to cows (George #1) and am now listening to George Gershwin. (George #2).

Slowly. Ever so slowly, the bad-ness of the day slips away. What is it about bad days that just linger, like a sheen of something you can't quite rinse off. It just permeates things.

I'm thinking it calls for a peanut butter filled chocolate egg to really banish it away for good. I'm convinced that Easter has the best candy. I mean, chocolate marshmallow filled eggs? Peanut butter filled eggs? Chocolate truffle filled eggs? It just can't get better. And that's not even mentioning those mini eggs that are like big m&ms.

So some chocolate, and then solitaire to properly cleanse my brain of this awful, no-good, bad day.

1 comment:

Kerry said...

What is wrong with you????
Hello??? Food poisining????
Stop that nonsense right now!
Go to Burger King instead :-)