Saturday, March 17, 2007

So Much Music, So Little Time
I have 6 scores in my possesion right now:

Pajama Game
Last 5 Years
Music Man
West Side Story
Little Women

It's crazy. What's even crazier is trying to keep them all straight in my head. Luckily, Pajama Game gets returned this weekend. I've fallen absolutely in love with the cello book to Evita. I'm having a wonderful time playing it. It's so inherently Andrew Lloyd Webber - fantastically crazy meters (10/8 and 7/4), lyrical parts, interjections, insane recitatives. The funniest thing is that in hearing one show you can instantly pick out what he used in his other shows. "Bustopher Jones" from Cats is the same as "Good Night and Thank You" from Evita. Too funny.

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Kerry said...

I am lovin' your blog!