Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ode to My Sister

Much like I created an ode to my husband (who has been just amazing lately), I wanted to sing the praises of other people in my life. Life's too short not to let the people we love let them know.

My sister just helped to throw me the loveliest shower. She's been doing the "single parent while her husband is on business" thing, juggling taking Issy to work with her, actual work, commuting with a 5-month old and then on top of that, prepping for my shower. I've actually been crying off and on all weekend just touched immensely by what she, Diane and my mom did.

But Annie. Annie who showed up when I was diagnosed with cancer with a fabulous "chemo-friendly" wardrobe and new books. Annie who sent flowers as soon as she heard about me being sick. Annie who supplemented my maternity wardrobe and didn't think I was stealing her thunder when I told her about my pregnancy 6 months into hers.

Annie is the best gift giver ever. Seriously. Whether it's something you need or just something you want, she somehow knows and it ends up either under the Christmas tree or next to your birthday cake. Or even just at the dinner table "just because".

My sister has grown into a most wonderfully empathetic soul who will always have time on the phone for a giggle about old times, compare notes on our parents or advice about how to deal with various pregnancy concerns. So I raise a glass to my baby sister who has consistently put others ahead of herself and has grown into an amazing mother and a fabulous confidante, cheerleader and friend.


buddha_girl said...

Awww...I love that you love your sister!

I adore my sisters as well and wouldn't know what to do if I didn't have them in my life. Here's to great sisters and knowing to appreciate 'em!

Maureen said...

Sounds like you both have someone very special in your lives; each other. What a wonderful gift. And a wonderful post...