Friday, November 02, 2007

Chaos to the Googleplexth Degree

Yesterday was very black and white. It was either supremely good stuff happening, or supremely bad stuff happening. Which is interesting, because I'm a huge "the universe is balanced" believer, but was not making for a very cohesive day.

Bad Stuff
Work computer turned itself off about 4 times. Which we figured was due to my gazillion songs on/in iTunes. So I was given an external hard drive to keep my tunage and productivity up.

Find out that my sub for the afternoon matinee show didn't show up due to his writing the date down incorrectly in his planner. Ummmm......jury's still out on this one. I'm not quite sure how to process it. I mean, it was obvious that he felt horrible, as I would if god forbid I ever did that. But I'm still...unsettled by it all.

Work is just crazy. Tons of projects in tons of different directions.

Good Stuff
A luncheon I was invited to (toted as a tasting with Lydia of the Lydia's Italian Kitchen fame) turned out to be a surprise shower for me and Baby Jordan. I was so touched and so surprised that I started to cry. It was such an incredibly nice gesture that I really was bowled over. And it was a nice afternoon. Plus I got the Vera Bradley bag I wanted and a really beautiful elephant bank from Tiffany's.

Found out an event that was going to happen at a lovely location than on campus. Having a huge event on campus would have been a nightmare of logistics.

Went to Verizon Wireless to add Tommy to my plan and was able not only to get him a phone but myself a new one as well and because I procured both phones on one day, they were buy-one-get-one AND I had a voucher for a new phone for myself due to my contract being up, so my phone was free. Meaning both phones were free.

But all in all, I just melted into the couch when I got home last night. I plan on doing more melting today after work.


buddha_girl said...

I just read your grilled cheese post. My kid and I would get along with you FAMOUSLY! We are grilled cheese whores in this house.

As for the really bad and really good...ugh. Let's hear it for the really good. Pooh on the really bad.

I love that you effectively farked the stupid cell phone place without even putting an ounce of energy into the process. THAT'S evidence of good at work in the world today!

Jerrster said...

melt will be something you will dream about doing in the future.

Maureen said...

You got an external drive AT work for iTunes??? Whoa... lucky.

Sorry about the bad stuff, but the good stuff sounded great! A baby shower and new phones... cool!

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

BG - Is grilled cheese not the best? Seriously - a teeny bit of fontina cheese makes all the difference. And the free phones - what a coup against the man!!

Jerr - You mean the baby won't sleep 8 hours a night immediately after being born?

Maureen - It's just until I get my own. It's a loaner. But a good loaner!!