Saturday, April 21, 2007

Relay for Life
So, last night was Relay for Life. I pulled back this year and just was a participant. No running a team, no taking care of everything. Mom's nursing students had the cutest campsite set up - they had a whole tiki theme going. It was the best looking campsite there if I do say so. But I went, and did the survivor's lap and Tommy joined me for the caregiver's lap and we discussed his outstanding caregiving skills that he showed while I was sick. (If anyone ever needs to know how to flush a peripherally-inserted-central-line - go see him) But it was fun and happy. I always get a little weepy doing the survivor's lap, so I held Mom's friend's Carol's hand and we walked together. For some reason, it's easier to walk with someone during that lap.

But I digress....

Being out till 10:45p.m. in a very loud gymnasium where I had to yell to be heard did not assist my sore throat situation. Woke up at 4:00 a.m. in pain; couldn't swallow and felt all grunky. Woke up this morning feeling a little better, but now have PINK EYE! No rest for the wicked. So, now I need to make an appointment to get in just to get some drops for this glowing eye.


I have a 6-hour rehearsal later. Luckily tomorrow is very empty. Maybe I'll make an appearance at a Bethpage game for a short while if I'm feeling better.

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