Sunday, April 01, 2007

Mmmmmm....Almond-esque Tiramisu*
I might have discovered a little more heaven on earth. I had been to Peter's Pasta in Babylon and had an amazing dessert there. It was like tiramisu - layers of ladyfingers, custard and a dusting of topping. But the similarities ended there. The ladyfingers were soaked in amaretto instead of rum (which I don't like anyway), the custard had an almond taste to it and was lighter and the top was coated in toasted almonds. It was divine. So I figured it was an artsy fartsy kind of thing. But ahhh......I encountered its sweetness again at the Milk and Sugar Cafe in Bay Shore. Hooray! I thought. Gotcha! And then......after a long weekend of cello-ing, while of all things grocery shopping at Shop Rite (I've never understood that name - are they implying that by shopping there I'm doing the 'rite' thing?) - lo and behold, there it was in the case at the bakery department. Nestled in a little paper holder. It was delicious. And I didn't share a bite. And it was a third of the price of the 2 previous times I had it and just as delicious. And I made yummy noises the whole time I ate it.

*To be said in a Homer Simpson voice.

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