Friday, June 30, 2006

*Grumble Grumble @*&)-ing Celebrities

Why? Why is Britney Spears posing nude? (How much airbrush paint did that artist go through?) Why are they claiming that doofy Taylor guy as a "hot bachelor?" I really don't get it.

But what's really bothersome is the fact that people eat this up. They don't say, oh, you know, that Taylor guy is as much as a doof as he was before he sang mediocre-ly on American Idol. He's still a doof, just in better clothes and with more money. I just can't understand it.

And this whole "You Think You Can Dance" thing. That I don't get. I understand they took a concept and ran with it, but if you were to take it, make it actually serious, and air it on PBS, it wouldn't get a second look.

But I digress....

Laura is in for her last day. I'm so conflicted on this. It almost doesn't feel real yet. She was my first "real" boss. She's been there, for better, or for worse, through thick and thin. It's not going to be an easy change, but hopefully, one that will be for the best.

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