Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Could They Be Any Cooler?

So I'm totally loving the Beatles right now. It happens this way every time after I do a Beatlemania concert. And now I've got Finale Notepad on my Mac, and a copy of the Complete Beatles Scores on its way to me so I can extrapolate and get all those string parts into my hot little hands.

Listening to them makes me want to practice, makes me want to be a better musician, makes me want to know every word to every song backwards and forwards.

I muse over John's sensitive, inquisitive style, sing along with Paul's hip tunes and nod silently at George's soul-searching. I giggle with Ringo.

What other band could delve into so many song styles and be phenomenal at it? Nothing escapes them.

So, I'm tossing all the Beatles I have onto my work machine so I can deluge myself with the fab four.

In other news, it's overcast and heavy outside. I'm waiting for the clock to strike 3 so I can run home and relax. Read some books and practice. This weather makes my chest hurty, so I'm feeling sleepy. Not to mention the new apartment is so so cozy. As much as the old apartment was a cave when I was getting better, the new one is just so inviting and lovely.

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