Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Coming Around Full Circle

Last night I had my last appointment with the oncologist who treated my Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and got us through that hellish part of my past. Not because I'm done seeing doctors, but because Dr. B. is retiring from the practice. It was not easy to hold back tears. It felt something like a Lifetime movie - here I was, fulled cured with my new baby to show my oncologist as he's retiring. Cue the sappy music. But I really was sad at the prospect of not seeing him again. He was glad to see Lucas and I think he was glad that he was the one who got to tell me that recurrance of the kind of cancer I had is virtually none. It must have made for some closure for both of us. Mom and I gave him some cards and a little token of appreciation for all that he did for us. Below is what I wrote in his card.

Dear Dr. Berger,

How do I say thank you for a miracle? We came to you not knowing what was in store for us, fearing everything. After our first visit (and an impromptu bone marrow biopsy!) our fears were lessened and we had a clearer picture of the road to recovery. You told us what we were facing and how we would treat it. You always gave us all of our options and treated me as a whole person, not just the part of me that was sick.

And now I'm able not only to come to you healthy and still in remissino, but share my son with you - a child I was unsure I was even going to be able to have. So I say thank you. Thank you for my health, for treating me, for giving me all the hope in the world. I wish you nothing but happiness (and a little relaxation!) in your retirement, but will miss you and miss seeing you very much.

All our best,

Tiffany, Tom and Lucas


Kerry McKibbins said...

Ok, I'm crying. Damn mascara.

Diane said...

He sounds like a wonderful doctor. It's good that you had him to get you through the bad stuff and for him to be able to lead you into the good.

buddha_girl said...

I am so damn happy to read the kind, grateful words you left for this amazing healer. Doctors who treat the human rather than the disease are sometimes few and far between. There was definitely some karma involved with you having met him.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Ker - I cried a good hour or so when I found out he was retiring.

Di - He was amazing. I never rued having a Dr. B visit.

BG - It was truly kismet. As soon as we met him we knew he was the doctor for us. All of his patients are apparently besides themselves that he's retiring.