Sunday, December 31, 2006

Reflections of Me

So yesterday was productive and I did my whole "go to the gym, get started early, run a million errands and return home with a proud sense of accomplishment" routine. It worked well. I did feel good that I got a lot accomplished. It felt good that I was able to do so. Purchased gifts I needed to, went to the bank.

And that was good. And I came home and dyed my hair and made plans for the evening. And was yet, still productive.

And then I started thinking. I thought about the class at the gym and how I felt like gravity was pulling especially hard on me. And how I don't just drop weight as easily as I did before. And even just thinking about how my life has become this big before and after. And how it just seems so unfair that I won't ever be the same as I was "before."

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