Thursday, January 07, 2010

Junk Food Junkie

Last night after traipsing around and running errands and coming home later than usual, I decided it was a junk food/lazy night. I ate a delicious burger from Checkers. I had wanted the special bacon cheddar crunch burger they have only occasionally, but I gave Tommy the wrong burger and wound up with just a regular double burger. Of course he couldn't resist, but let me know just how delicious my lost burger was. So I then decided if I wasn't going to eat well, I'd forgo the yoga and just be a couch potato. I did do some work on the couch in front of "The Real World: DC". Hoo Boy. What a crazy fest. I remember when the first season of Real World was on and how old the people on it seemed. (this is unbelievably season #23 I think) Now they all seem so young. And foolish. But of course I was suckered in and watched a whole hour of it before giving up, going to bed and ending my night of slothdom.


So Not Wishy Washy said...

Addicted to reality TV here. I recall the first Real World at well...Eric and that weirdo crush thing he and that southern small-town chick had on each other. Eric was recently on some VH-1 show about washed-up male "actors" who wanted to get their groove back on in the "industry." He looked rode hard and put up wet. Gave me the willies.

Lorena Machuca said...

Mmmm I haven't watch that. But the part of the burger sounded great, haha.

Kim said...

I didn't know where else to post this but thought I would let you know that The Body Shop has brought the Banana Conditioner back! ;)