Saturday, December 06, 2008

Mmmm....smelly soap

So, Thursday night Lucas and I went to the grand-opening party of the Valley Stream location of Lush.

What? You don't know what
Lush is? I used to be a certified Lushaholic. It's soap and shower gels, bath fizzies and bubble bars, hair products and lotions. And they're all made by hand, from natural, organic ingredients. They smell good and make you feel good.

Being that it was a party, of course there were goodies. What I got for free:

*a cookie with the Lush logo on it

*an Avobath bath bomb

*a Pop in the Bath bubble bar

*a mystery massage bar

So I got about $15 worth of stuff for free! I bought many a Christmas present and induldged and got myself a Figs and Leaves bar of soap and a small piece of Spice Curls soap.

There was a DJ, so Luke was rockin' away in his stroller and flirting with the salesgirls, and I even came away with a free sample of Big shampoo.



Kerry McKibbins said...

I hate "the cats."

Big Pissy said...

How fun!

I want all that free stuff too! ;-)

CozyMama said...

oooh who does not love smelly soaps!!!! COOL

Miss Pants said...

OOO! I love LUSH! I miss it...I used to shop at the SF store when I was in the bay area.

I really liked the Honey I Washed the Kids soap and the Rockstar. Their fresh face masks were awesome, as well. :)