Monday, August 11, 2008

Those (Not) Lazy, Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

The title above reminds me of a Gilmore Girls episode where they kept playing that song over and over and over again at a town festival.

But today was far from lazy.

Luke and I:

*Went to a teen production of "Thoroughly Modern Millie", whereupon I was able to show off my pristine, perfect child to my friends. Whereupon it was also Luke's first musical.
*Did laundry.
*Ran home to change and load the Lucas-bag.
*Went to my MRI where I conquered the closed MRI. (I thought I was going to have to be seriously drugged to be put in there.)
*Came home.
*Made dinner AND homemade caramel sauce for a cake I made over the weekend.

I'm beat.

And I'm lucky that Luke's so good that I can tote him just about anywhere. He LOVED the show. So much so that I had to remove him from the theatre since he thought it was an audience-participation type performance and sang along and spoke back to the actors. This kid seriously has the theatre gene.

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buddha_girl said...

I LOVE that Luke was so into the music and actors! Nothing like a kid's complete innocence and enjoyment of life's wonders!

Buddha was lugged everywhere as a baby and, like Luke, was just such a calm baby who didn't fuss and fight about being out and about with tons of peopl around him.