Monday, March 17, 2008

The Making Of A Couch Potato

Here's my little couch potato watching television. I know, I know that tv isn't "good" for babies, but he enjoys the colors and sounds and is watching "Sesame Street", so at least it's educational. He was actually mesmerized by Richie Havens singing "Wonder Child" and playing the guitar and by Jose Feliciano singing and playing guitar as well. Glad to see he has an appreciation for the arts!


buddha_girl said... won't kill a kid. My Mom had four of us all under the age of 6. We watched tv so she wouldn't lose her mind. I turned out ok...albeit for my gutter mouth. *shrugging*

I LURVE this picture of Luke! He is a serious bucket of love!

Diane said...

Was he watching the Goddamn Knicks?

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

BG - Just watching Luke amazed at music and singing is good enough for me. He is indeed a serious bucket of love!

Di - No, actually, his bedtime now is when the Knicks are on. In this picture he's really watching Sesame Street!